Anosmia is the permanent or temporary loss of the sense of smell , one of the traditional five senses (hence the choice of a UK anosmia group to name itself Fifth Sense).

Temporary full or partial anosmia is typically illness related, such as nasal congestion arising from a cold.

Permanent anosmia can arise from a variety of causes, including:
Becuase of their close relationship in the brain (at the smell and taste centre), people with anosmia often experience a loss or reduction of taste.

The loss of the sense of smell is not formally recognized as a disability in the traditional sense (to my knowledge), not being a visible or obvious condition if un-declared.

The goal of this page, other than a place-holder for now, is as a point of reference for an anosmia community: largely centred around Toronto, Ontario or Canada at large.While the Anosmia Foundation of Canada was relatively recently disbanded, the website remains online as a resource.

There are many information sources  about anosmia online, and this page is not meant to duplicate these resources.

last modified 2018-03-31